Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Forget me not " freebie starts

Hi again,
I just read through the comments, and yes....we are having nice weather as well. Although it's not as warm as further inland. Shaun reported 27 degrees Celsius from his day trip , while it was only 18 degrees here at the coast that day. So there is a bit of a difference with that coastal wind here. Still, loving the sunshine! And that sunshine is also the reason I didn't get much painting done. However ,I finished the miniscule calligraphy alphabet and got quite a bit done in my little garden corner. It still doesn't look like much , but give it a few weeks and it will be blooming :)
 I planted a tiny little Christmas tree. It was one of those cheap table decoration trees you can get at the £/$ store. It survived on my windowsill since December and now it was time for a larger pot and the outdoors. We will see how this little guy will be doing ....

I am behind with my watercolor challenge/course, but the good thing is , once signed up to the free challenge I can access the tutorial videos forever.
Here is one of the class results ....watercolor peonies in a loose painting style.
The funny thing is ,I find the loose painting style much harder than the more detailed painting styles, but the point is to learn more than just one style.

I love that I inspire some of you ...thank you :) In a world where computer games and TV rule , i's nice to see that some of us still can be creative with our hands and mind. Don't get me wrong...I love doing some digital design on the laptop from time to time. But years back it was nearly all of my free time I spent designing in PSP ,PS or Poser. Now? I spend a lot less time at the computer and do a lot more different art and crafts. More variety. There is so much to learn, experiment and try out. :)

OK, favorite things time !
Let's talk about paints. Watercolor paints part 1 ...because there is so much to write about those , it won't all fit into one post.
So today I just tell you about my current favorite paints.
There are cheap watercolor paints. they are fine ...really.... but they have very little color pigment in them and more binder. So when they dry they can sometimes appear a little chalky.
The more expensive paints contain a lot more pigment , hence they are more vibrant and richer in color. You need less of them , so they last longer. So cheap isn't really cheap when you consider how much more paint you need to achieve the same color richness and vibrancy on your paper.
My favorites :Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections
Each tin contains 12 colors (but fits a further 6 in the middle if you want to add more) and is about the size of my hand. That means easy to travel with, take out etc.
They come in different themes like "TROPICALS" " "WOODLANDS" "PASTEL DREAMS" or "ODISSEY" .
When a color runs out just buy a replacement half pan , no need to buy a whole new tin. The empty little containers (half pans) are great to put you own color mixes in , so don't throw them away. (I will get to the mixing part in another post)
These paints are medium price range. There are more expensive paints , but these are perfect for someone painting as a hobby or learning.
What about watercolor tubes? I will get to that subject next time....
For now it's time to post the first of the freebie kit.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The last of Spring blossoms

Hello again :)
It's late.... just before midnight, in fact. I only finished work at 11 , but I still want to get this post done before I crawl into bed for my beauty sleep.
I got post from the USA yesterday. My Prima Watercolors finally arrived. I ordered the Woodlands and Tropicals palettes. These colors are so rich in pigment, they are fantastic to paint with  !
Obviously I had to try them out.
I had great fun creating a little landscape painting.
And with help of another Skillshare class I created this Cacti painting.
 Oh yeah...and this one :)
And this.... I could show more but then it will take a lot longer for me to get to bed.

Let's talk about paper again. This time watercolor paper. There are two different kinds. Hot pressed and cold pressed.
Hot pressed is smooth, cold pressed has a rough texture. I use both, but I love the texture the cold pressed paper gives the panting.
God quality paper is not cheap ! Yes, you can get cheap watercolor paper, but it won't be the good quality , thick paper. It's ok for  practice , but if you want to produce a good painting you need good paper. I have fallen in love with the Pink Pig sketchbooks.
They get hand made here in UK , come in lots of different sizes, cover colors and are ring bound. Plus they are good quality and affordable. They are also available via Amazon, and you can customise the cover. Plus I like that it's a book and I don't have loose pages . Keeps your creations all neatly together.

Now to the last part of Spring blossoms.

And for now we are staying with the floral theme....because ...Spring !!
You know these tiny little blue flowers called Forget me nots? Well ,I made a kit with these.
So this is what you can get next.

But enough for bed is calling me :)

Until next post
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, April 08, 2018

More freebie parts :)

I'm back on time ...feeling very relaxed after a nice hot bath with essential oils and Himalayan salt.
It's part of my nightshift recovery routine to get back to normal.
Thanks for your comments. They are very appreciated !
I will start with my "Favorite things" and go into paper this week. It's a very important medium if you want good quality drawings/paintings.
Rough paper will bleed and it will also fray the tips of your markers. Good quality paper will not only avoid that , but will enable you to layer different colors without bleeding through or ending up with a soggy messy hole in your page when coloring in.
For doodles , bullet journals or simple drawing there are 3 brands I prefer.
One is Moleskine. A very good brand with quality paper ,which is not too thin.

The second one is Leuchtturm 1917, which the one that I use mostly for my drawings with fine liners and markers. These books come in a range of colors and I want one of each :) 

And the third is the Rhodia Sketch book , which has the smoothest paper. I use this for my calligraphy because it doesn't even bleed with dip pen and ink. It also has very faint dots which help with keeping lines straight if you don't want to draw lines with a ruler.

All these are available at Amazon. 

I will tell more about art supplies next week. 

The weather has been getting a little better here. For a couple of days we had sunshine and it was as nature as waiting for this and exploded with various blossoms. 

I took a walk and was able to get some nice shots of spring flowers. 

It's not much yet , but it's a start ! Hopefully this means that winter weather will finally be over now. One can hope ;) 
I didn't get much done painting due to work and the "Show me your letters" course I'm doing to learn calligraphy with an oblique pen and ink. I don't wanna bore you with pictures of each letter, so here is just one. 
Monday will be the start of "Show me your florals" though. A free watercolor course and challenge.
Plus there is the "Bring Spring " art challenge. 
I won't get bored ;) 

So now to the  freebie links .

The last part will be next week and then it's time for another new freebie kit. 

So stay creative and have a great week :) 
Hugs Snowy

Monday, April 02, 2018

Spring Blossoms first parts

Hello...ughh....I could do with a few Spring blossoms here.
We have flood warnings everywhere and the rain is not stopping any time soon , it seems.
It really doesn't feel like April or Spring so far.
Luckily I have my art and crafts to keep me busy when I'm not at work , because gardening is still not happening ....
I had a couple of comments regarding the Doodle Journal , so I thought I post a little advice regarding that.
First , go for a journal with paper that is not too thin or rough. A lot of rough , cheap paper will cause bleeding of the ink. And that just doesn't look nice and is disappointing when you put in all that effort.
Pens : My favorite is the Sharpie fine point
Why? I can use it with normal felt tips /brushpens without the black ink smearing into the's 100 % waterproof and smear proof once dry. And the tip is just right -not too thin and not too thick. I can even use it with really wet watercolor painting and it won't bleed or smear.

If you want to take drawing and doodling a step further with fine and broader lines I can recommend Sakura pigma micron pens.

These come with a variety of tips , so you can do really fine lines or texture as well as broader thick strokes.
These are filled with Indian ink and will be waterproof once they have dried as well , so they won't bleed with felt-tips or watercolor once dried either.

Yes, I know.... these pens all cost a little more than your normal pens from the $/£ Store, but they will a) last longer and b) will save you being frustrated , sad or angry when colors bleed or smear into each other.
Trust me, I've been there ! The cheap set of fine liners I picked up for a bargain price and smeared when I wanted to color my doodles in is only good enough to write my shopping list now.
I do not get anything for advertising these 2 brands , by the way . I post about them because they are really that good !
I suppose I could label this part of the post "my favorite tools " :)
(ps: I posted links for Amazon .com, but you can also get these on the other Amazon sites. I got mine from Amazon UK  )

I made a Zodiac galaxy painting and was thrilled how it turned out . Love it !
I used watercolor for the galaxy, India ink for the mountain and Capricorn and white Gelly roll pen for white shading and stars /constellation.
The Succulent painting was done with watercolor, Fine tec watercolor for the gold , outlines with black Sakura pigma micron and the crystal lines with white Gelly roll pen.

Well, apart from the first 2 freebie parts I also have a quickpage for you today. Happy Easter :)

But now to the main freebie parts

This is a relatively small kit compared to most of my others and was lost during a computer crash. I only recently found an old disc where I had this burned. It's old but still one of  my favorite floral kits :) Enjoy !
I'll be back with more next week
Hugs Snowy

Monday, March 26, 2018

Just in time for the Easter week ...the last parts :)

Hello :)
I'm in a really good Spring mood today, even though I was at work all afternoon and only just came home from my late shift. We actually had some lovely weather today. Just a shame the temperatures are supposed to go down for Easter again... but I'm still creating "Spring " on my paper.
I found this Journal in one of our shops and I thought it would make a perfect "Doodle journal" . And so I'm creating a library of doodles now :)

I started with flowers for page 1 and then vines for the second page.
I have borders planned for page 3 and lots more ideas for more pages. It's fun , relaxing and useful for further art work. Maybe even some future clip art?

I'm on week for of Calligraphy drills with my oblique pen , and believe me when I say " Brush pen is so much easier !!!"
I think I invented a few new swear words during my practice sessions. Just when I thought I had finish a page neatly it happens.... one great big ink blob ! Or I'm finished , start to pack my stuff away and accidently swish my sleeve over the page. Of course the ink wasn't dry yet, that would be too much to hope for ! so I have a big smear across the page and ink on my sleeve "Sigh"
So one more week of drills and then we start on the letters ...again. At least doing this for the second time ,I know what's coming. ;)

So.....the last parts of Ostara today, for today you get the last 2 parts
I have the last part, plus an add-on part with extra backgrounds and elements.
Part 5

and the Add -on

For next week we go into Spring with a floral kit -Spring Blossoms
27 backgrounds (I got a bit carried away)  and 15 elements ... I made this in 2008, one of my first store kits  ... damn, where has the time gone?

Anyway... have a great week and stay creative :)
Hugs Snowy

Monday, March 19, 2018

Nightshift recovery, another Winter storm and the next parts

Good morning....
...never mind, it's already afternoon but I just had breakfast ;)  My day is slightly confused until I adjusted back to days from nightshifts  again.
Which is why I'm posting late again. I was just too tired yesterday and needed another nap before my last shift.
We had another Winter storm here and many parts of UK got covered in snow again. We were lucky this time. Only a few very light snow showers , more like a white dusting in places , but the wind was insane ! Still is actually. It looks like a lovely sunny spring day until you feel the temperature of the wind. It's brutal !
But there seems to be a light at the end of the ...aahhh...endless winter... temperatures are supposed to start going up tomorrow , on the Spring equinox. About time ,I say.
Advertising e-mails from various shops make me laugh. "Spring spotters" "New in ! Light and colorful spring fashion" Seriously? I'm not going to buy a sleeveless thin t-shirt , no matter how much in fashion the new style is , when I'm still wrapping up in thick sweaters ,padded coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Screw fashion....I just want to stay warm !!!
But staying warm is another thing right now. 30 minutes ago while having breakfast I was starting to feel cold. So I turned the heating up . 10 minutes after that I got too warm .... so I opened the window slightly. Another 10 min and I look for that fleecy warm blanket to wrap myself in...can't bloody win !!! Menopause is a strange thing ;)
So what have I been up? Apart from getting more grey hairs learning to write with the oblique dip pen I did some watercolor.

This one got me featured on Instagram.
I would like to say I'll get out my paints after this post , but I feel to sluggish and tired. So I doubt that I get anything done today apart from more sleep.

Which brings me to the freebie parts.
More backs and elements for you

I won't be on nightshift next Sunday , so hopefully I manage to post the next parts then ;)
For now I'm hoping for warmer weather so I can get out and get some planting done and more sleep .
Stay warm and crafty ...and until next week(end)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Looking forward to Spring and new Easter kit

Hello again,
It has been another rainy day here at the east coast. It's an improvement to the snow and sub zero temperatures we had the week before , but I really would like to see the sun a little more.

I found some photos I took 2 years ago and the crocuses were in full bloom and daffodils poking out their heads at the same time of the month. Not this year ! It seems we are a month behind and in for a late Spring. So I have to stick to Spring graphics for the time being.
 I worked a little more on that new watercolor kit and took a screen shot.
Even in my paintings you can see me looking forward to spring .
But I had a nice surprise this morning and woke up to a lovely bunch of flowers from my son. It is Mothers day here in UK.
And now let me get to the Spring/Easter kit freebie.
Here come the previews and a quickpage I made with the kit.

Here the first 2 links

Enjoy and till next weekend again
Hugs Snowy